• Consultation and Development
    Training,Consultations(Technical Consultation ,
    Orginizational Consultation) ,Evaluations and Research
    Project Managment , Event Managment ...
  • Software Development
    and Consultation
    Requirments Engineering, Analysis & Design,
    Software testing and Software Qulity Assurance...
  • Integrated Systems
    Medical Devices, Smart Home Systems, Security Syst...
  • Multimedia Production
    Short documentary, Short featured, Television adverts
    Sound recording and Print graphics design...


Who Are We

It is effects for consultation mission that our efforts together must yield the maximum value added for our clients. Established in 2011 as a development and consultancy company, the company expanded its work in wider areas and established a new division of the company, the multimedia division, in 2013. Through the success and development of the company in the previous areas, it established a new section, the Information and Communication Technology Department, in 2015. Now the company works in these diverse fields in order to develop and advance the company to the top and to move towards a better world and provide products and services of high quality and continue to provide all the best. Successful business deals require trust, a common understanding and expertise to do effective consultations and development , provide a highly professional IT Solutions and high quality multimedia products Having an office in Gaza city under the name of effects for consultations and development and local and regional partnerships , enables us to have a thorough understanding of needs of the Palestinian and surrounding regional communities enables us to be in touch with all the related consultants and being fully a aware of the strategies of the main funding bodies and the international NGOs as well as private sector. Furthermore due to our presence at Gaza city, Reemal area, would facilitate easy accessibility of our local clients. We know how to approach potential suppliers and clients over here. With this unique setup, we hope to assist our clients in their consultancy and development activities as well as provide them a high quality multimedia production and IT Solutions and will try our utmost to achieve a win-win situation together with them.




We see Effects Company as a brilliant consulting company in Palestine and Middle East



Effects Company for consultation and development provides high-quality and cost -effective solutions, ICT Solutions  and services in training, project management,  organizational development  and technical consultations, evaluation and  research and events management that help organizations to improve performance, maximize productivity, and maintain sustainability, targeting public, profit and none-profit, and privet sector in Palestine and Middle East.



Customer satisfaction
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