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A- Organizational Developmental Consultation
We aim at increasing the organizations effectiveness and helping them to plan and manage the positive change in their performance.
What we can do / out puts of OD consultation ?
  • Developed Organization structure 
  • Developed Organization administrative system
  • Developed Organizations strategic planning
  • Developed Organizations finical system.
  • Developed Organization human resource (HR) management.
  • Organization culture.
How we do this?
  • Our expertise and professional staff work side –by –side with organization members to conduct comprehensive diagnosis of the organization.
  • Pursuing data collection process from up-down management in the organization.
  • Identifying   the organization problem or and the  gap(s) in  the organization performance.
  • Suggesting cost- effective- alternative solutions to bridge the deficit in the organization performance.
  • Planning and implementing the proper intervention.
  • Evaluate the implementation process.
B- Technical consultation:
The company will allocate technical experts in different strategic sector as follow:
  • Health sector
  • Education sector
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure
  • Small enterprise business.
  • others.

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