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26 / 11 2016

PCRHTS - Organization Assessment Report - 2016

Study By : Dr. Nahed R. Eid

The State of Palestine’s unique history is often what attracts tourists but at the same time this history has been the cause of the unrest and perceived insecurity that has hindered the growth of the tourism sector. Although visitors that come for pilgrimages (which have been the industry’s traditional focus and represent the vast majority of tourism services exports) are relatively less sensitive to security concerns, historical events have inhibited the sector’s growth. Thus, despite the fact that the State of Palestine enjoys tourist assets that provide it with a rich tourism offering (including holy and cultural/ historical sites), this offering has not been fully leveraged and the tourism sector makes less of a direct contribution to GDP and to Palestinian employment when compared with other economies in the immediate region.Only 4% and 2%, respectively, whereas for its neighbors, tourism contributes between 6% to 37% to GDP and 8% to 19% to employment


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