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26 / 11 2016

NSR Final Evaluation Report

Study By : Dr. Nahed R. Eid

The National Society for Rehabilitation (NSR) was established in 1990, and was registered by the Ministry of Interior in 1993. Today, General Assembly of NSR consists of 40 members electing the board of 7 members (last election was in May 2013). NSR adopted Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) model in the Gaza Strip through activities implemented in Beach and Bureij Refugee Camps. The Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBRP) now is implemented in 25 geographical locations in the Gaza strip, which covers four governorates of Gaza , Middle , Khan Younis and Rafah. NSR, through financial and technical support from Diakonia and the Norwegian Association of Disabled (D/N) is working to address the comprehensive needs of persons with disabilities to improve their mainstreaming/inclusion into the family and community. NSR implements rehabilitation program at the community level, works to enhance channels of communication and coordination among related bodies, facilitates the training of local human resources, encourages activities aimed at the prevention of disabilities, and promotes public awareness about disability and rights for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Gaza.


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