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26 / 11 2016

Technical report output of consultancy service provided to GIZ-CSP 2014

Study By : Dr. Nahed R. Eid

 The   Civil   Society  Program   (CSP)   of   the   Deutsche   Gesellschaft   für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Palestine has implemented the psychosocial support program (PSP) as a direct response to the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip that took place in July and August 2014. PSP has been implemented in partnership with four local civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Gaza Strip including: the Palestinian Physiotherapy Association (PPTA); the Society of Women Graduates (SWG); Women Affairs Center (WAC); and the Cultural and Free Thoughts Association (CFTA). The aim of the PSP is to help local organizations to provide again basic services to their own beneficiaries (citizens, families, youth, women, children and people with disability).  
As part of the monitoring efforts, CSP has contracted Dr. Nahed Eid as a local consultant to perform monitoring activities on the interventions of SWG, WAC and PPTA in the context of the PSP. The monitoring assignment aimed to achieve a number of objectives such as: the assessment of the quality, quantity and timeliness of inputs; the identification of operational constraints to the efficiency and effectiveness of activities; the assessment of the compliance of the services with certain national and international guidelines; the identification of the lessons learned; the identification of the gaps encountered during implementation; the identification of positive and negative unintended effects on final beneficiaries; and the assessment of the sustainability of the capacity building components. This report describes the output of the monitoring assignment provided.  
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