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26 / 11 2016

WIU Organization Assessment Report - 2016

Study By : Dr. Nahed R. Eid

Over the past years of its lifetime, the furniture industry has developed significantly to include 600 establishments, which utilize advanced manufacturing techniques and employ more than 5500 labors, placing the estimated annual sales of the manufacturers at around USD 55 million in the year 2005. Of this, around 33% was destined for sale in the Israeli market of through Israel to other markets, where around 168 truckloads of furniture were exported on a monthly basis through Al-Montar (Karni) terminal. More than 67% of furniture manufacturers specialize in home furniture production, 21% in producing office furniture, and almost 12% in producing construction-related components. Strengths of the furniture sector are typified in high carpentry workmanship skills, good working conditions in factories, fine quality of produced furniture and the newly emerged Palestinian original designs.


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