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18 / 10 2016

TDH KAP Survey - 2015

Study By : Dr. Nahed R. Eid

The Consultant of the Pre-Intervention Assessment for the project of Meeting emergency water, sanitation, hygiene and child protection needs of 7'663 children in 10 primary schools by December 2015 would like to thank all people who facilitated the process of completion of this pre-intervention assessment report. Special thanks for TDH team in Gaza office: Dr.Khitam Abu Hamad, Ms SalwaTibi, and Miss Haneen Taha for their unlimited support during the consultancy period. Many thanks for all the representatives of MOEHE staff and their beneficiaries who were supportive and committed during the field visits and data collection processes. Also we would like to appreciate the distinguished and dedicated work done by our staff members, Dr. Hamza Abdeljawad as a consultant and head of the research team, Mr. Jihad Okasha as statistician, and Eng. Mohammad Yaghi and other colleagues for their supervision and facilitation of the field work. Finally, I would like to thank the data collection team from Tdh office and Effects Company.

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