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26 / 11 2016

Action Aid Evaluation Report

Study By : Dr. Nahed R. Eid

The context in the Gaza Strip is a protracted protection crisis with humanitarian consequences, driven  by  insufficient respect for international law by all sides. Palestinians in the Strip face a range of serious protection threats related to these factors including threats to life, liberty and security, destruction or damage to homes and other property, forced displacement, restrictions on freedom of movement and on access to livelihoods, and lack of accountability and effective remedy.  

Many of the International Organizations working in the Gaza Strip have been working to raise the international and national awareness of the Human Rights and International Law for Civilian Protection. Action Aid and HelpAge International are among the most active International NGOs who have been focusing on  this  issue  recently.  Therefore,  the current need assessment was conducted to investigate and assess the availability and quality of protection measures/services in the Middle Area of Gaza. It covered the most important categories of civilians that are women, youth people, older people and people with disabilities.  

Various precise quantitative and qualitative assessment tools – disk review, focus groups, key informants Interviews, and filed observation notes – were utilized during this duty in the areas of Al-Musaddar, Wadi as-Salqa, Al-Mughraqa and Juhor ad-Dik to fulfill the objectives of assessment.  


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